The MEI Caliper FAQ are also available in German and Italian translation. Click here for the German FAQ and here for the Italian Translation.


Who is MEI Brakes and what does MEI mean?
MEI is Madras Engineering Industries. The company is based in Chennai (Madras), India.
MEI Brakes is the European sales office for MEI. We are responsible for all sales of MEI product outside of India and North America. MEI Brakes offers full technical, logistical and marketing support to MEI customers around the globe.

Where are the MEI calipers manufactured?
The MEI calipers are produced and tested in Chennai in our purpose-built caliper assembly facility. Key components are produced in house by MEI and the housings are cast in our own Foundry. All MEI factories are certified by TÜV.

What does TÜV Approved mean?
TÜV is one of the world's leading technical service and auditing organisations, being the most recognised independent authority for the accreditation of technical equipment, such as the MEI dynamometer in Chennai, India. TÜV also audits all our facilities to manufacturing and environmental standards TS-16949 and ISO-14001.

Are the caliper housings new?
MEI Calipers are completely new units, designed and manufactured to OEM standards by an OEM supplier. There is no compromise in using worn, damaged or incorrect components.

Can the MEI caliper be re-conditioned?
No, the MEI calipers are not intended for re-manufacture. We don’t facilitate reconditioning because it never provides the performance or durability of a new unit. However, all service items can be replaced, such as guide sleeves and tappet boots.

Are the internal parts available?
No, the internal parts are not available, only the standard service components (guide pin kits, tappet kits & chain covers).

Why is there no surcharge, don’t you want the old units back?
No, we don’t require the old units back. Re-conditioned brakes will not perform or last as well as a new part. MEI calipers contain no hidden costs for financing surcharges, administrating and returning old units or unusable core.

Are the Guide Pin kits different to the original?
The guide pin kits are interchangeable between the equivalent MEI and Knorr Bremse calipers.

Are Guide Pins covered under warranty?
No, The guide pins are a service component, along with the bushes & seals, that may not last the full life of the brake. However, if the brake is regularly checked in line with the MEI Maintenance Instructions then the guide pins will certainly last longer than the 2-year warranty period.

Does it come complete with a carrier?
As with Knorr Bremse Rationalised Calipers, MEI L Series calipers are supplied without a carrier. Our N Series calipers (Meritor) are supplied with a carrier.

What fitting kit do I need to fix it onto the carrier?
The required fitting kit is included in the box with the caliper – this includes guide pins, bolts and end caps – to fit with the existing carrier. The brake also comes fitted with a new pad retainer, pin, washer & R-clip.

Are there any fitting instructions?
Yes, they are printed inside the MEI packaging box, but more detailed instructions, and other information, are available on the MEI web-site (see

Are all the calipers tested?
Yes, a multi-function test takes place at the end of our purpose built ‘No Fault Forward’ assembly line, to confirm that every brake is assembled and functioning correctly. Each brake has its own unique serial number for full traceability. During the development of the calipers they are subject to a comprehensive product validation plan, including both laboratory & vehicle testing, to ensure the brakes meet all performance requirements.

What is the warranty?
We can match the 2 year warranty of the Original Equipment because we know what we are putting into our caliper, and how to test every component and every complete assembly.

Can I use an MEI caliper on one side of the axle and a Knorr Bremse on the other side?
Yes, without any problem - our KBA certification for the L Series proves performance is equal to the OE brake. KBA certification for our N Series is expected very soon. 

What is KBA?
KBA = Kraftfahrt - Bundesamt. This is the Federal Transport Authority in Germany which issues Type Approvals. For KBA approval the replacement product must match defined performance requirements of the original product, and MEI are the first company to achieve KBA approval for Commercial Vehicle brake calipers.

What does KBA Certified mean to me?
It means the product is guaranteed to perform the same as the caliper originally fitted on the vehicle, and is designed and tested to last as long as the caliper originally fitted on the vehicle.

What is ECE Reg 13?
ECE Regulation 13 is a European Directive that legislates the requirements for wheeled vehicles. Of particular relevance, the brake must perform over a series of specified dynamometer tests. ECE Reg 13 is referred to as the standard homologation requirement for Original Equipment.

Is technical support available?
Yes, we have an experienced team of experts who can answer your questions and on call in case of need.

Are maintenance guides available online?
Yes, our maintenance, fitting and service guides are available to read and download at

Do you have stock in Europe?
Yes, we have comprehensive stock of the full range of MEI calipers in our UK warehouse, and our distributors ensure local availability across Europe.

Are MEI calipers compatible with both old and new types of Knorr Bremse adjusters?

A. Yes. Operators will notice a difference between old and new level Knorr Bremse adjusters. The newer Knorr Bremse adjusters have more clicks when de-adjusting (18 clicks per revolution, as opposed to 10 clicks on the older adjusters). The number of clicks does not affect the function of the adjuster, it only differentiates between old and new level. The MEI adjuster has 10 clicks per revolution which, in conjunction with detail design improvements, ensures that the MEI caliper is compatible with all levels of Knorr Bremse product.

When re-setting the pistons after fitting new pads, 3 clicks should be used for MEI calipers as per MEI maintenance guides. Customers changing pads on Knorr Bremse calipers should follow the recommendation from the caliper manufacturer.