ASA Automatic Slack Adjuster
Adjustment Method whereby the Automatic Slack Adjuster maintains the correct Pre-Set Clearance
Alpha Angle The installation angle of the Control Arm on the Slack Adjuster
Anchor Bracket Used with Quick-Fit Control Arms
Anchor Pin Used with Control Arms which bolt to the Anchor Point
Anchor Point  The bracket which connects the Control Arm of the Slack Adjuster to the vehicle
Camshaft Connects the Slack Adjuster worm wheel to the brake shoes
Clevis Bush The bush in the Housing where the actuator mates with the Slack Adjuster
Control Arm The rotating arm connecting the Cover Plate to the Anchor Point
Control Unit Combination of Cover Plate, Control Arm, Alpha Angle (ASA only) and Pre-Set Clearance
Cover Plate Metal pressing which is screwed on to the Housing to protect the Mechanism
Fitting Kit  Loose parts supplied with the Slack Adjuster
Grease Nipple All MEI Slack Adjusters are fitted with Grease Nipple to lubricate the Mechanism
Grommet Plastic insert housed in Peg Bolt type Control Arms
Hex Nut The 12mm nut which rotates as the Mechanism adjusts, being part of the Worm Shaft
Housing Cast section which contains the Mechanism and extends to hold the Clevis Bush
Inclination With Cover Plate facing and Hex Nut on your left, this is the angle  of the Housing, taken from the vertical
MSA Manual Slack Adjuster
Mechanism The internal components of the Slack Adjuster which maintain the Pre-Set Clearance of the brake system
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
Offset With Hex Nut facing, this is the distance from centre of the Hex Nut to centre of the Housing where the Clevis Bush sits, taken from the vertical
Peg Bolt Used with Control Arms incorporating a Grommet in the Anchor Point
Pre-Set Clearance The distance between brake lining and brake drum specified by the vehicle manufacturer
Quick-Fit Common Anchor Point type on trailers where the Control Arm sits in the slot of the Anchor Bracket
S-ASA Self-setting Automatic Slack Adjuster
Spline The mating teeth of the Camshaft and Slack Adjuster
Wear Indicator Pointer which is fixed to and rotates with the Camshaft, showing brake lining wear
Worm Shaft  Part of the Mechanism which mates with the Worm Wheel and includes the Hex Nut
Worm Wheel Part of the Mechanism which mates with the Worm Shaft and Camshaft