All MEI slack adjusters can be found on this website either by using the menu on the left of by using the search function.

All product pages include information to help with slack adjuster identification.

The image below helps slack adjuster identification. In addition it is always useful to know the vehicle application and which wheel end the adjuster is fitted to.

The cast housing can be straight or offset.


It can also be straight or inclined. 


The control arm angle can be checked.*



On both ASA and S-ASA the Anchor Point type will be Quick-Fit, Peg Bolt, or Anchor Pin.


The number of teeth on the worm wheel which mates with the camshaft can be counted.


The clevis bush internal diameter (ID) can be measured.


The distance from the centre of the worm wheel to the centre of the clevis hole can be checked.



* For S-ASA this is Not Applicable as the control arm will work from any position within the working arc of the control arm.